Termine mit Autorinnen: Hanna Strack

24.04. - 27.04.2009: Kongressvortrag von Hanna Strack

Asilomar / Monterey Californien: APPPAH-Kongress, Vortrag über erste Transzendenzerfahrungen im Mutterleib – Basic Spiritual Experiences of the Unborn Child

There are four basic experiences the unborn child makes which could be understood as basic spiritual experiences: Living in the amniotic water, immense growth, nurturing placenta, light on the skin. These are transpersonal experiences: oceanic feeling, power of growth, source of power, fascinating light. Another experience goes all through: The child feels happy and angry, joyful and afraid. If the positive experiences predominates, trust in the divine in itself can be grounded, otherwise this person will be suspicious and not able to believe in the power of love and of the divine. The divine is not understood as power of hierarchy but as inner power connected with the cosmic mystery. This Christian faith does not offer a male redeemer but allows growing and blossoming in order to live a life of fullness. I would like to exchange these ideas with the participants.

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